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Terms and conditions

1- General statement of program objectives and procedures:
  • The personal training program may include exercises to build the cardio respiratory system (heart and lungs), the musculoskeletal system, (which involves muscular endurance, strength and overall flexibility), and to improve body composition (increasing muscle and decreasing body fat) Exercise includes aerobic activities, such as walking, running, rowing machine, and other aerobic activities, weight lifting using dumbbells, machines and other equipment to improve muscular strength and endurance, as well as flexibility exercises to improve joint range of motion.

2- Description of potential risks:
  • The reaction of the heart, lung, blood vessels as well as other systems to exercise cannot always be predicted with accuracy. There is a risk of certain abnormal changes occurring during the following exercise, which include abnormalities of blood pressure as well as other side effects. Use of weight lifting equipment, and engaging in heavy body may lead to musculoskeletal strains, pain and injury if adequate warm-up, gradual progression, and safety procedures are not consistently followed.

  • The personal trainer shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries sustained by client while and during and/or from a personal training program does so at his/her own risk. Client assumes full responsibilities for any injuries or damages which may occur during and/or after training.

  • To warrant, release and agree that you are in good physical condition and that you have no disability, impairment or ailment preventing you from engaging in active or passive exercise that will be detrimental to heart, safety, or comfort, or physical condition if I engage or participate (other than those items fully discussed on the health history form).

  • State that you have had a recent physical check up and have my personal physician’s permission to engage in aerobic and/or anaerobic conditioning.

3- Description of potential benefits:
  • The program of regular exercise for the heart, lungs, muscles and joints has many benefits associated with it. These may include a decrease in body fat, improvement in blood pressure, improvement in physiological function and decrease in heart disease.

4- Commitment and attitude:
  • You will practice in a program of physical exercise. Training may include, but is not limited to, weight and/or resistance training, cardiovascular training, and floor mat exercises. You realize that a large portion of your success will be based on your commitment to follow instruction, changing your lifestyle, and your attitude towards the fitness program. Unfortunately KPT cannot guarantee results, but your willingness to work hard will improve the opportunity of success.

5- Late / Absence / Cancellation:
  • My main goal is to provide the best possible service to my clients. I work on an appointment based schedule to allow you the time required for your personal training session.

  • Sessions will generally be 60 minutes. Please be on time for your appointments. If you are late for a session it will still end at the scheduled time. If you are more than 15minutes late for a session, it will be considered absence and you will be required to pay the fee for the session.

  • Due to this schedule it is important that you give us sufficient notice when you need to cancel an appointment. This means a cancellation should be made at least 12 hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to cancel a training session within this time will result in you being charged for the session. Should you wish to reschedule an appointment, a minimum of 12 hours-notice is required. We will do our best to accommodate this.

  • We understand that emergencies happen. We provide every client with one free short-notice cancellation. You will not be charged for your first cancellation with less than 12 hours-notice. Subsequent short-notice cancellations will be charged for the session. The free short-notice cancellation only applies if we are notified prior to the session start time. No-shows are not eligible for the free cancellation.

6- Freezing:
  • Should you wish to pause your subscription due to illness, injury, travel or any, then you are allowed one freeze period of 1 week only during the contract period.

  • You can freeze your package by sending emailWhatsApp or call.

  • Your next payment will be automatically differed by one week.

  • Should KPT travel during your subscription then you will be offered the option to freeze your subscription until his return.

  • Freezing not applicable for 3 months online package.

4- Payement:
  • Personal training fees should be paid in full amount in advance at the time of signing the contract.

  • All sessions must be completed on or before contract expires.

5- Refund:
  • You are entering into a commitment with KPT for the purchase of a select number of sessions. If you want to cancel your subscription regardless of the reason you wish to cancel your package (including but not limited to illness, injury, travel and leaving the country). You will charged the half amount of your valid left sessions.

  • Refund not applicable for 3 months online package.

6- Sessions validity:

- Face to face packages:

  • 12 sessions packages valid 30 days starting from the time of signing the contract.

  • 24 session package valid 45 days starting from the time of signing the contract.

- Online packages:

  • ZOOM 12 sessions package valid 30 days starting from the time of signing the contract.

  • 3 months package valid 90 days starting from the time of sending program.

If you have finished your package and you have a tight time to renew your package, I also provide single session option to add optionally to your package.

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